Topi Band Debut album “Mitho Bihani” Listen Online

Topi Band released their debut album on first day of new year 2014 entitled “Mitho Bihani“. Previously, Topi release first EP album “Geet Haru“. The album “Mitho Bihani” consists of 12 tracks and has the total run-time of 43 minutes. The song “Thorai” which was released back in March, 2013 along with music video which generally received positive response. Topi is a pop / rock band whose music is suitable for those looking for easy listening.

The track listing for “Mitho Bihani” are :


1: Rangharu (feat. Aastha Tamang Maskey)
2: EklaiTopi Band Mitho Bihani
3: Dherai (feat. Lochan Bhattarai)
4: Thorai
5: Hamro Sapana
6: Antim Palta
7: Sangharsha
8: Mitho Bihani
9: Chahana Eutai Ho
10: Pyaaro Hajuraama
11: Hola Nahola
12: Malai Bachauna

Listen Free on Soundcloud or stream it from below:

You can buy the album “Mitho Bihani” from :
Cdbaby : Sale $4.99
All proceedings from the album will go to charity.

We have given a quick listen to the album and we think it is excellently produced and musically / lyrically it is above the standard. This is recommended to anyone looking for easy listening experience.

Who are involved in Topi ?
Pramithus Khadka : Guitars/Keyboards/Vocals
Rohit Shakya : Guitars/Keyboards/Production

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