Soul Annihilation – Societal Deconstruction (Official Video)

soul anihilationDirected/Edited by – Rohit Shakya and Prasiit Sthapit
Shot by – Rohit Shakya,Prasiit Sthapit and Bibhusan Basnet
Produced by – Fuzz Factory Productions,Silence Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Blakhart Guitars, Deep Chettri, and friends.


Morality – relative to culture
Ideology – complex mental memes
Nations – elaborate tribalism
Corporate kings – our modern feudal lords
Political theater – illusion of populace rule
The media – tell us what they want us to believe
From the day you are born – you are assigned a culture and nation
But the day that you die – you’ll see it’s a mirage

Cyber profiles – they know everything about you
Collecting data – what do they intend to do?
Waiting – for their plan to manifest

I am a collection of cells
They’ve programmed me
With a false identity

Now a software malfunction
My mind sees through
Their programmed delusion

As the illusion crumbles
I refuse to play in their game
I… am now… a threat

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