Solar Deity : Devil Worship EP – Download it here

Devil Worship album Cover
For those who don’t know about “Solar Deity”, they are satanic black metal band from Mumbai India. The new EP “Devil Worship” released on September 1, 2013 is a sequel to their previous release, In the Name of Satan, and the follow-up to last year’s atmospheric masterpiece, The Darkness of Being.

Devil Worship is a 3-track EP running for 25 minutes and packs brutal drumming, heavy riff evil vocal reciting the hymns of Satan. The EP seems to have influence of bands like Mayhem , Morbid Angel etc. and included all the essential elements of black metal.

Most of the reviewer has been dubbed the EP as finest black metal release from India, and there is a strong reason to agree on this.

Track Listing :

  1. Raise The Horns
  2. Supreme Evil
  3. Through The Hallways Of Narak

You can download Devil Worship EP from link below :

Released 01 September 2013
Guitars + Vocals: Aditya Mehta
Bass: Animesh ‘Asmo’ Das
Drum Programming: Ashwin Shriyan + Animesh ‘Asmo’ Das

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Ashwin Shriyan at Mindmap Productions
Mastered by Daniel Rego

Artwork by Aakash Dwivedi

You can follow the band on their bandcamp profile as well.

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