SCRIBE Band from India to headline 8th KCM ICMC Final

SCRIBE Band IndiaFew days remaining for  grand finale of this year’s 8th KCM ICMC. Scribe is also nominee for MTV European Music Awards.I digged SCRIBE over web for their stuffs which took me firstly into their Facebook page and next on Myspace. Scribe is post Hardcore band from Mumbai , India with 5 members formed in 2005.

Scribe are
Prashant – Guitars
Akshay – Guitars
Vaas – Bass
Vishwesh – Vocals
Viru – Drums


Scribe streamed 10 tracks in Myspace.:

1.Analyze That 3:55
2.Analyze This 5:07
3.Ate A Banana 2:25
4.I Love You Pav Bhaji 2:59
5.Lullaby Land 4:36
6.Magpie 3:51
7.Mastibhari Muskaan 3:06
8.Nobody Listens To The Vocalist 3:42
9.Pomari Begatari 2:54
10.The Kids 2:40

If you are new to Scribe and want to have these tracks, Just click here to go myspace.

Other Links to SCRIBE:

Official Website

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