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Album Review : Rage Hybrid – This Sickness Never Fades

‚ÄúSilence is all I’ve got Misery holds beneath Noises inside my

Newaz – In Black : Official Video

Kathmandu based hard-rock band Newaz has been in existence since 1991

Biography : Underside Metal Band from Nepal

Biography December 2010, just before the first ever Silence Festival 2010,

NerveCell – Dubai added in Nepfest IV – September lineup

NerveCell – Death/Trash metal band from Dubai will be playing on

Nepfest 3 August 2012 : Competing Bands List Revealed

  The most awaited open band competition of Nepal for this

Underside working on EP “Welcome To Underside”

Underside ,opening act for Vader in Silence Festival 2011 version 2