Gig Alert:NEPFEST MARCH(promotional gig of DECAPITATED in Nepal)

Nepfest have canceled Nepfest ICMC March which is postponed in August.

KORPIKLAANI Metsälle download free from upcoming new album Kunnia

Korpiklaani finish metallars have started recording new songs for upcoming album

Lamb of God New Album “Resolution” streaming full online

Lamb Of God is streaming their new album ‘Resolution’ online via

Gig Alert:End of the world tour III (Build up Gig) for Underside World Tour

Underside is preparing for world Tour.End of the world Tour III(Build

Underside working on EP “Welcome To Underside”

Underside ,opening act for Vader in Silence Festival 2011 version 2

Lamb Of God Live in India 2012 also in Israel and European Tour Dates Fixed

Lamb Of God India Tour date has been fixed.Also in Israel