Night Band Nepal teaser video of upcoming Album “Ani ukali sangai orali”

Night Band is now ready to release their first full length

Underside Band Nepal Videos- Kalodin Ep “Sarv” Lunch GIG[HD]

Underside ,the only band from Nepal who toured Europe played in

Nepali Folk Band Night – songs download

Band “Night” is the Nepali Neo Classical/Folk band formed in early

Nepfest 3 August – Open Band Competition 2012

Nepfest 3 – Open Band Competition is scheduled to happen on

White Band Live Videos from Kalodin Ep “Sarv” Release GIG

White Band is known for their drugs,sex and rock & roll

Kalodin Sarv Ep Live Videos[HD]

Kalodin‘ s second Ep ” Sarv” was released on last Saturday