Rock / Metal Albums to watch out in 2013

2012 has ended, 2012 saw release from various artists such as

Album Review : Aetherium Mors – Drenched In Victorious Blood

Aetherium Mors is U.K. based blackened death metal duo. The band

Nepali Underground Scene in 2012: A Brief Look Back

The Scene in 2012: A Brief Look Back Following the musically

1974 AD Chyangba Video

1974 AD Chyangba at 9th KCM ICMC

1974 AD Gurasai Fulyo Banai Ma Video (Live)

1974 AD Perfoming Gurasai Fulyo at 9th KCM ICMC

Rage Hybrid – … And I Killed myself (studio version) with Lyrics

Track – … and I Killed my self Artist – Rage