Gig Alert – Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 2 : “Tribute to Ugrakarma”

Brutal Lunch Box Vol. 1 saw the SICKEST PIT ever. Brutal Lunch

Happy Birthday Shirish Dali (Albatross Band Vocals)

Happy Birthday Shirish Dali (Albatross Vocals)

Workshop with Albatross Band Members

  One of the best Rock band from Nepal “Albatross” is

Kalodin Band Nepal – Burning Bible Video

Kalodin Burning Bible in Nepfest

School Kids Tribute to Iron Maiden

Watville Primary School Sing Iron Maiden – Flight Of Icarus

BruteMukti Band – Kunjan Joshi New Project Raw Song

Current Members : Kunjan Joshi (Soul Annihilation) Chellow Cutone (Demoralizer) Sanket