Kalodin Band Nepal – Burning Bible Video

Kalodin Burning Bible in Nepfest

School Kids Tribute to Iron Maiden

Watville Primary School Sing Iron Maiden – Flight Of Icarus

BruteMukti Band – Kunjan Joshi New Project Raw Song

Current Members : Kunjan Joshi (Soul Annihilation) Chellow Cutone (Demoralizer) Sanket

Topi Band Nepal : Thorai Official Music Video With Lyrics [720p]

Topi are: Pramithus Khadka Rohit Shakya Thorai : Written/Composed by :

The Axe band VADAAS Album Download Available Now !

The Axe Band came with their 7th New Album VADAAS in 2013

UgraKarma : Death Metal from Nepal

Ugra-Karma is a Sanskrit term that denotes a bad, harmful action.