Free Download Bidroha(Nepal) split Argentina Heavy/Thrash Metal band Insignia Metal

Thrash Metal Band of Nepal Bidroha splits  with Argetina Heavy /

Win a chance to play in Bloodstock Festival 2013 UK alongside Lamb of God, Antrax, Slayer and many more!!

Bloodstock Open Air is the UK’s biggest independent metal festival. This

Rock / Metal Albums to watch out in 2013

2012 has ended, 2012 saw release from various artists such as

Album Review : Aetherium Mors – Drenched In Victorious Blood

Aetherium Mors is U.K. based blackened death metal duo. The band

Nepali Underground Scene in 2012: A Brief Look Back

The Scene in 2012: A Brief Look Back Following the musically

1974 AD Chyangba Video

1974 AD Chyangba at 9th KCM ICMC