Opeth New album Heritage demo track download

Opeth  new album Heritage  2011Opeth,pioneer of  progressive metal has release the date for their upcoming new album Heritage. The schedule for releasing Heritage is on 20 th september 2011. Heritage is the 10 th full length studio album of opeth .Album will be released by roadrunnerrecords.com .This album will contain 10 tracks.

Mikael Åkerfeldt released statement on Heritage ““It will be our 10th album/observation. I dig it; we all do. In fact, it feels like I’ve been building up to write for and participate on an album like this since I was 19.”

I have uploaded a track from Heritage entitled “The Devil’s Orchard”.Have a taste from their upcoming album. This is an awesome track. Yet we cannot rate this album without listening  other tracks . Also the track listing for Heritage are :

01 “Heritage”
02 “The Devil’s Orchard”
03 “I Feel the Dark”
04 “Slither”
05 “Nepenthe”
06 “Haxprocess”
07 “Famine”
08 “The Lines in My Hand”
09 “Folklore”
10 “Marrow of the Earth”


Download The Devil’s Orchard