Monkey Temple Shades of Grey Download

Monkey Temple Shades of Grey

Monkey Temple is rock band from Nepal.Band recently released their new album Shades of Grey via a gig. Album includes 8 original tracks which are:

Anumati                                         5:07
Yesto Kahile                                 3:56
Prashna                                          7:03
Swatantra                                      4:51
Anantasamman                          7:11
Man Chade Maichyang Lai     5:04
Hamro Geet                                  3:54
Swapna Ma                                    4:43


If You want this album give a ring to Band Manager Sareen Deoja  (9841410886) around Kathmandu. If You are abroad You can download it from Itunes.

Download Shades of Grey [iTunes]

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