Album Review : Mine – Mine EP (UK)

Mine is a UK based Alternative metal band, formed in 2012 by the member of Hang The Bastard vocalist Chris Barling and former Centurions Ghost vocalist Mark Scurr. The self-titled 15 minute EP “Mine” was released in October 2012 and contains four track via Holy Roar Records.

As a whole the album is mixture of hardcore punk elements and progressive metal elements, containing clean melodic to crunchy distortion filled guitar.
The EP starts with track “Crossed Out”, intro has clean melodic guitar and soon is accompanied by crunchy bass and guitar riffs putting energy to the track.
Just like previous track , “Hidden in Drawers” has melodic guitar, bass, drum beats and end with similar crunchy guitar sound beats.
Track “What kind of bird are you” start off with powerful guitar and drum beats. The track then gradually moves towards slow melodic guitar part as in first track ending with the aggressive guitar and drum.
Track “Back Seats” starts with punk / hardcore type of riff and is one of the energy filled track from the EP. The band has perfectly blended melodic clean guitar, slow tempo drum beats with heavy playing.

The vocal of the album is really tight and is one of the factor that brings heavier sound in the album. The album has unique sound.

Mine’s self-titled EP is available for free stream in their bandcamp, you can also buy physical or digital copy of the album.

Find Mine on : Facebook & Bandcamp

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