Metallica Bangalore,India concert 2011 Performing Live videos

Metallica performance in BangaloreMetallica India tour finally rocked in Bangalore yesterday evening.It was one day after Metallica canceled their first show to be happened in Gurgaon.Yesterday’s show went without any random activities with huge success of across more than 22thousand fans.There were fans from Nepal to attend Metallica show. For those fan who were not able to attend historic Metallica Concert 2011,here we have collected some good videos from youtube originally uploaded by other youtubers. From Metallica’s facebook status their setlist for yesterday’s show were:

Creeping Death, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Fuel, Ride the Lightning, Fade to Black, Cyanide, The Memory Remains, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), Sad But True, All Nightmare Long, One, Master of Puppets, Blackened, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman, Am I Evil?, Battery and Seek & Destroy.

Nothing Else Matters and Enter Sadman

Fade to Black

Nothing Else Matters


More Videos will be soon Posted.

[Note: Videos here are shared don’t belong to us and are posted without asking permission of youtubers.If you feel that videos are not to be shared let us know ,we will immediately remove videos.]

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