Lakhey Band ‘s single “Lakhey” Exclusive Premier

Lakhey Band, only Ethnic Metal Band in Nepal has released (jointly by ktmROCKS and Nepal Underground) first single “Lakhey” on occasion of New Year 2012 . This track/song is quite different in our SCENE as well around the world. Anil Dhital(Vhumi,E.quals,White) is man behind this new genre bending concept. This genre is unique in the sense that it uses Newari/Nepali instruments in cooperated with heavy seven-string guitar riffs. Another interesting fact is that, they will be wearing a mask as Lakhey in live performance. Lakhey did a first performance few months ago; they will be continuing their journey in 2012 as well. Here, we have exclusively featured Lakhey’s self-titled track for you. The drum part on this track is filled by Guidoo of “Commando Noise Terror.”

Download from Mediafire

Anil Dhital-Lakhey band


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[Photo Credits:Umes Shrestha]

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