Kalodin Live Videos From ktmROCKS Ides Of March VI

Kalodin , Black Metal Band from Singapore performed before Antim Grahan in ktmROCKS Ides Of March VI.Kalodin performed their originals from The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry. Kalodin perform their songs ForSaken Virgin Demonlord,Dark Whispere,souls of dead (included in ktkROCKS Compilation Vol II).and …. They also faced some technical difficulties in this gig.Kalodin Features two lady Vocals in this gig for some of their songs.The audience appreciated their mask painting style for the performance. Hatsoff to Kalodin for their great performance.I was planing to captured full set of their performance but due to battery problem  I couldnot take the all songs performed by them and the videos are also not much good enough as before. I love to share what I have.

kalodin ides of march ktmrocks 2011

Kalodin Souls Of The Dead

Kalodin ForSaken Virgin Demonlord

Kalodin Revelation( Forsaken Second Scribe)

Photo Credit:Nitesh Mulmi.

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