Kalodin Latest EP Promo Download

Kalodin Latest Ep 2011 songs

The singaporian/Nepali Black Metal Band Kalodin is heading toward their latest Ep(not full length album) in this year.Davin Shakya , Front man of Kalodin reveals that Kalodin will be releasing their latest Ep with in few months. To promote their upcoming Ep, Kalodin have uploaded a sample piece of Ep. It was posted in their facebook. It is about 1.20 mins.This track is recorded in their practice room to notify their fans about their upcoming Ep.Their vocal is promising in before album.Other works like guitar and drums are also impressive.Similar way , I also like to share their Promo Ep to all metal fans of Nepal. Please download Kalodin Latest piece of music taken from Ep and share among your friends.

Kalodin Ep Promo Download

You must listen Kalodin‘s The Bestial Ritualism of Harlotry which is awef**kingsome.

Kalodin with Painted performance in Nepfest ICMC videos.

Lastly Kalodin share same stage with Black Metal King of Nepal Antim Grahan in ktmROCKS 10th year anniversary gig(Ides of March).

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