Gothica Deification Of The Saboteur(DOTS) EP Album Download


Gothica ,Nepali Black Metal Band Recently released their Album (EP) DEIFICATION OF THE SABOTEUR (DOTSGothica Deification of the Saboteur EP) online through their official Facebook. But hard copy of DEIFICATION OF THE SABOTEUR was released already in DEIFICATION OF THE SABOTEUR GIG few weeks back.The sole aim of releasing album through online is to let Gothica’s music know to Other rather than any other reason.

In this Ep They have included :

  • 2012
  • Cyborg Cataclysm
  • Salvation From Eternal Sorrow::Death
  • Deification Of The Saboteur
  • Mortal Warriors Die [BONUS TRACK]

Two tracks Mortal Warriors Die and Cyborg Cataclysm were already big hit among us and have posted already as Gothica’s Songs .

Do support Gothica by downloading DOTS  here and Comment them.

Go through our Recent  interview with Gothica few days ago.



  1. Pulse says:

    Awesome job,

    1. Thanks for appreciating our work.

  2. Metallica Megadeath says:

    Daro Yar Best nepali underground website ever