Divine Influence – “Scarecrow” official music video

divine influence scarecrow video

Kathmandu based groove metal band Divine Influence has released the official music video for the track “Scarecrow”. Scarecrow appeared in their debut album by same name. Their debut album was released on May,2014 under the Silence Entertainment’s records label. Check out their music video and spread ! You can follow divine influence in their Facebook page here.

Divine Influence : ScareCrow lyrics

I feel i feel so amazed so disgraced
pathetic this pain insane in my veins

so there’s nothing left to fight and to loose
for what you,you felt so insane
just wait, just hate
its your time,begin the game, you make them suffer and even, their body remains in search of pain

hold in tight as it gets worse,they will see the failure
scarecrow lives, destiny kills, he will fight forever

my lips were sealed,against my own will
cursed with their favors
kill, this guilt forever
marching on my funeral
i hear them curse, i hear them say
we are your god, you’ll pray

And if, you still remember, how you treated
that pain made me believe, believe that i was made of something
that wouldn’t leave until it kills you drags you
six feet down is all your grave, flooded with your ownblood
look at me and beg for mercy death will be dishonored

i did try make you realise but you left no choice then to bury you alive
fear you see is all in me, now you’re the victim
and you’ll never rest in peace

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