Diablo Band Biography

Diablo Band (Black Metal)


Pratik Chitrakar – Vocals
Rupesh Lama – Guitar
Sazan Dyola – Guitar
Bibek Tamang – Bass
Bibek Dhimal – Drums

Genre: Black Metal

Mainly Cradle of Filth, and others are Lamb of God, Mudvayne, Deftones, etc.

DIABLO is a five-piece metal band hailing from Lalitpur, who had come together in January 2012, formed out of the classmates of Blue Bird College and their friends, who shared similar tastes in music.

Musically, Diablo fuses brutal elements of heavy metal with a slight occasional touch of metalcore melodies, but the band is planning a progress towards black metal with some gothic metal ingredients. The band’s lyrical themes capture anxiousness, fantasies, depression and tragedies of life, as well as political themes. Drummer Bibek Tamang says, “Though we play black metal, we are not Satanic, but it feels that people take us as anti-social, since they fail to understand our form of music.” The band adds that their artistic view is a junk art which is when an art is appreciated by 5 out of 50.

Pratik, their vocalist expresses, “Since we have to fulfill family’s expectations, time management can be mentioned as a problem but nonetheless, we are being able to manage it somehow, and we are managing our practice at Jamsthan, Mahalaxmisthan”. The band is determined to take themselves as far as they can in future, as a black/gothic metal act.

Recently, the band competed in LA Fest Music competition. “Such competitions are the only way to look at ourselves and find ways to improve. Every band needs a platform to show what they’ve got, and such competitions are good ways to explore our music and let others deliver what we can play”, says the band. They have one original entitled “Perished Naked” under their belt, and are in progress of making other songs as well.

[Text/Image : Umes Shrestha]

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