Deep Purple Cancel Nepal Tour 2013

Deep Purple Cancel Nepal Tour 2013 Officially

Deep Purple Nepal Tour 2013 is now hardly to happen in Nepal.As they have explained to Metal Hammer , The primary facts on canceling Nepal Tour is because of management.

A statement explains: “The agreed fee was not paid as per the contract they had with the promoter of the show, Richard Coram, of Talent Brokers in Dubai.

The so called JPR Event cheated with Deep Purple. They haven’t deposited required fee amount in registered escrow account though band have extended the extra time . It is totally making Nepali People Fool.

Frontman Ian Gillan explains: “I hate it when this sort of thing happens – the first time ever in Nepal and it gets cancelled.

Read Full News directly from metal hammer.

This is way JPR fooled nepali People. Please share this news among your friend and lets be together to get fund return back.

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