Cruentus (Asantusta Aatma) lyrics

Asantusta Aatma (2005)

1) Asantusta Aatma
2) Beneath the bleeding the moon
3) Circle of Fear
4) The shadows of darkness
5) Massacre of the holy ones
6) Bless me with thy pain
7) The unknown warrior


Hridaya maa taato angaar balirahecha
Mero laash mero agaadi aahaaraa jhai paakirahecha
Ma kamjor asaahaya bhai antya herna baadhya chu

Samaya le batyayera lyaeko
Yo jiwan ko maya jaalmaa
Thesh khadai ramaudai gantabya ko khoji maa
Hideko belaa….

Mero ghau ko malham ra baato ko saathi bani
Hey kaal malai nindra maa bhulaayis
Katthar sari dhaad maa chakku ropis

Sugandhit gantabya ko sugandha maa
Bharkhar ramaye thiye…
Laamo yatra pachi, bharkhar sustaye thiye
Eh! kaal…k saahit paaris?

Kaal kurne thiye tero laagi
Aaune thiyis aghi aayi kina judhenas
Saathi bani dhokha ko ganaune gandha kina sungayis
Satru jhai kina ladenas

Mero khokolo mastiska ra jaliraheko laash bata
Ghrina niskanecha…
Khappar ko aawaaz le kaal tarsanecha

Hey Kaal aaija
Mero ghau sahera dekha
Hey Kaal aaija
Mero baato hidera dekha
Hey Kaal aaija
Mero taal maa naachera dekha
Hey Kaal aaija
Mero jiwan baachera dekha
Hey Kaal aaija
Malai feri maarera dekha

Starlit sky;silent night
I wonder alone in search
of my own sanitation
Whispers of madness;echoes in my head
Glowing fury shining in my eyes

As i stand upon the corpse
Vigorous i feel
As i see the blood red moon
I see the eternity

My sword glows with hate
As the moon shines upon me
I move forth in my quest
To find my sanity

As i stand upon the corpse
Vigorous i feel
As i see the blood red moon
I see the eternity

Relentless are my thoughts
Darkness confines me within myself
What was the true reason
And what was the pleasure
Of stalking beneath the bleeding moon

I feel the air blowing upon my face
As i stand amidst the tombs
Upon these tombs; the shadow lurks
Defiling every moment of my joy

I stand again to confront them
but i feel weak….
I fear my death and i obey them
I fear them and i am their slave

Darkness is upon me; and i cannot cast away
Their spell mesmerise me; and i feel nothing
I lay down myself
And smell the air; i feel my death approaching

I have the vision of hopeless souls
Wondering around me
Soon, i am to follow them
and soon, i am to be with them

I will vanish from the earthly pleasures
But my soul will remain
Forever it will wonder; searching for salvation

I am a prisoner within this circle
I am a slave within this circle
For now it is my life….
and i fear my creator who created me now

With thoughts of hatred i’m left alone
Chanting the oath i once swore
My vision is blur stained by blood
From those slayed by my sword

On my knees i lay beside them ‘
Not a single soul i can see
The shadow of darkness all around
To greet me with victory

Towards the light i look with fear
I know it’s not for me
I seek my shelter in the dark
And look at them with misery

The shadow of darkness have conjured me
For now i can stand alone
Without fear beside the shadow
I’ll lime to hear another mourn

It has cursed me with it’s evil
For my battel will never end
With every moment that passes by
More hatred it will send

The evil within cannot be told
For it’s thirst cannot be quenched
I have lived yet another day
To spray the blood of the innocent….

I am the one with the hordes of satan
I denounce your repugnant god
My quest is to destroy holiness
Without any mercy
My powers cannot be subdued by your
Cries of mercy
For i am pitiless and my heart is made of stone

Massacre of the holy ones
My sword is stained by the holy blood
Massacre of the holy ones
Forever mars be on my side until i slaughter them all

I am the warrior blessed by the dark ones
To hunt and kill the lambs of GOD
I am the feared wolf,filled with hatred and anger
I am the tyrant whose passion is his wrath
Merciless i am,thou shalt fear me

Massacre of the holy ones
My sword is stained by the holy blood
Massacre of the holy ones
I will send you to your so called pearly gates

Under the destined path of sorrow
I again wander in this world
My vision of sadness
Imprinted forever in my thoughts
I bow before thy grace
Your beauty has enslaved me
I am a mortal
Who cannot unchain his passion
But i will be there forever

Once again bless me with thy pain
Forver I will feel thy pain

I wish to enter thy realm
But i am stopped
I cannot free myself from the chains
Chains of manipulative thoughts
I might want to see the dead
And feel their moment of sadness
I will grief beside them
But will never surrender before happiness
I will be there forever

Now i held my dagger and thrust upon my chest
I see blood oozing out but do not feel the pain
My pain is tranquilized by my hatred for humans
And the hate i feel is nothing but thy pain….

Once again bless me with thy pain
Forver I will feel thy pain

Your sorrows are so divine that i fear to ignore them
You’ve been silent for many years but now you shall rise again
My blood is thy life and i shall spill it
A long lost divinity of my beautiful fallen angel
has risen once again………

The unknown warrior
Enters the battlefield
Full of rage and hatred
Torture and pain

Life is a war, I the warrior,
Penetrating my foes,I seek my destiny
The eternal delusion
yet so real……

Following my fate i met the holy one
Who showed me the way of holiness
Path of ignorance, slavery and fear

And I met the sinners
Darkness surrounds me
It became my light
Another bondage, another burden

Now I’m stuck in the mediocre
Death approaching
Destiny yet far away……

My life erupts in the blink of an eye
Meaningless… dead
Its not that i fought my battle without valor
Or my sowrd stumbled slaughtering my enemies
But still i’m thrown into oblivion as if I never existed

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