Best classic tracks released in the scene (Nepal)

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The movement in underground music scene in Nepal can be dated back to 90s and has grown over in the time. In between this time numerous artist has emerged with an evergreen tracks, that are to be remembered for generations to come. In this post we have posted such classic evergreen songs released from the local scene of Nepal. This listing is based on suggestions dropped in our NU Facebook group. If we happen to miss something do let us know via comment.

1. Chandal Shaitan – Ugrakarma

ugrakarma old

Urgakarma also reknowned as pioneer of death metal in Nepal released their debut album “Blood Metal Initiation” in 2001, “Chandal Shaitan” appeared in that album and still a crowd favorite.
2. Sano Prakash – Atomic Bush – Sano Prakash

“Sano Prakash“ by progressive rock band Atomic Bush is the song every metalhead from Nepal has heard. The band isn’t active but the song is the favorite in the scene. The song is strong both lyrically and musically, truly a masterpiece.

3. Asantusta Aatma – Cruentus

The band isn’t active. But the haunting tracks lives on!

4. Antim Grahan – Forever Winter

The band is in hiatus after their release of their recent 2012 album “I wish you death”. Forever Winter is trademark track of black metal veteran “Antim Grahan”. Forever winter appeared in band 2004 demo by same name.

antim grahan forever winter

5. Vhumi – Mrityu ko tandap

Vhumi has list of great songs such as Atanka, Bhariya, Stone Hunter just to name few.

6. Lost Oblivion – She dies Today

Band has disbanded, Avishek K.C vocalist of the band is active in his band Underside.

7. Arachnids – Kaal Vhairab

Newari Death Metal with Dhime ! The band isn’t active. Members of band are in bands such as Binaash(Pravin SHrestha) & Bidroha(Saurav Sainju).

8. X-Mantra – Makura ko Jaalo

X-Mantra was formed in early 2000s and still active. Makura ko Jaalo appeared in self-titled album X-Mantra.
9. Jugaa – This is our war

The track appeared in 2007 split between Jugaa & Shannon Scam. The band is still active and their kickass discography includes Fuck The scene, Hardcore Hamal, This sickness never Sleeps (Sangharsha/Jugga Split).

10. Maya – Itihas

Just like most of the other old bands, the band isn’t active now. The track is worth mentioning.

11. I2ST – Jacky Chan
Punk band from Nepal, band isn’t active. Some members of the band are in Jugga.

12. Karmavalanche – Freedom in F#
The band appeared after Atomic Bush disbanded. Band mostly consist of Atomic Bush members lead by Bibhusan Basnet’s crazy guitar solos.

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