As I Lay Dying “Electric Eye” Judas Priest Tribute Song From Decas(new album)

No Doubt,As I lay Dying is most covered band in Nepali Underground SCENE. as i lay dying decas new album 2011Most of the Newly Formed cover their songs in underground gig of Nepal. There is one big news for As I Lay Dying Fans as they are almost ready to hit the market with their new album Decas in November 2011. Almost Recording is finished for this album.Today Noisecreep officially release “Electric Eye ” of Judas Priest Cover by As I Lay Dying which is also included in DECAS. Full Track listing for this new album are :

1. Paralyzed
2. From Shapeless to Breakable
3. Moving Forward
4. War Ensemble (Slayer cover)
5. Hellion (Judas Priest Cover)
6. Electric Eye (Judas Priest Cover)
7. Coffee Mug (Descendents cover)
8. Beneath the Encasing of Ashes (Re-Recorded Medley)
9. The Blinding of False Light (Innerpartysystem Remix)
10. Wrath Upon Ourselves (Benjamin Weinman Remix)
11. Confined (Kelly “Carnage” Cairns Remix)
12. Elegy (Big Chocolate Remix)

As I Lay Dying Decas release date is November 8th from Metal Blade.

Download Electric Eye by As I Lay Dying

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