Antim Grahan – I Bleed Hate From Putrefaction Eternity

This is the first Nepali Underground Music Video . This video is made for the upcoming album from “PUTREFACTION ETERNITY” of the Black Metal/Brutal Black Metal Band Antim Grahan of the Nepal.

Details :

Title:I Bleed Hate

Album:Putrefaction Eternity

Band: Antim Grahan

Origin: Kathmandu,Nepal.

Genre:Brutal/Black Metal

Produced by: ktmROCKS
Edited by: Tripti Dhungana
Directed by: Umes Shrestha


  1. Ashis says:

    video is kind of amateur and lacks proper lighting , + not so good choreograph vocalist is moving head only . it seems he didn’t moved a inch.

  2. weird-me says:

    indeed its amateur video, both the director n editor ‘s first ever music video…over all i would say great start..its just the beginning, and its on ,,/!!!

  3. deathlove says:

    cool song dudes….don’t see these fuckin two weirdose comment…..i challenge them if they can play like this …bloody ass hole…..vhuknay kukur lay kawheelay nee tockdaenaw….

  4. me says:

    @deathlove, whose weirdo, them or you??? read the comment and understand it, they arent saying anything abt music, they are talkin about music video…it turns out that u are barking not them…