All Nepal Inter College Band Competition: Season 2

“All Nepal Inter College Band Competition: Season 2” is our effort to encourage young musicians as usually and annually to keep chasing their dreams of making it to the limelight. We are really sorry for any Mistakes and Circumstances we had made during the last Season. Promising something large and of Great quality we are finally ready to hit the stage back this Jestha 2070. This is an Open Band Competition and we have no Priority to any specific ‘GENDER’ and ‘GENRE’. The Competing Bands performance will be judged 70% through Judge Vote and rest 30% through SMS and Ticket Voting. First band Registering will be performing at the last and vice-versa.

ICBC 2 Kathmandu Nepal

Our Part event is also happening in Hetauda District where any Genre Band can Participate from Narayani Zone only. Ultimately the winning Two Bands will Participate here in Kathmandu through our event.

Hetauda Leg event:

Kathmandu leg event :

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Registration fee :
Rs 2500 (Hetauda)
Rs 5000 (Kathmandu)


Winning Band: Rs. 50,000 Cash Prize with 5 Track Ep Contract and a Video Contract.
1st Runner-Up: Rs. 30,000 Cash Prize with 5 Track Ep Contract.
Individual Prizes: Best Guitarist, Best Drummer, Best Bassist and Best Vocalist (Kind/Cash).
Surprising Door Prizes to the Audiences at Venue.

The Recorded Tracks of the Winners will be sent to National and International Level market through our Studio Partner ‘Music Nepal Pvt. Ltd.’ and the Bands will get good opportunities to perform in future Gigs organized by AS Oscar Event and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. and our Current Sponsors. The Recorded Tracks of the winners will be sent to ‘HITZ FM, 91.2 MHz’ for ‘HITZ FM Music Award 2014’ Nominated under the Category ‘New Artist/Band’ and the selected numbers will be played On Air through Radio Spot and Television Spot. Winner Band will be interviewed in various National Medias, National Dailies and Radio Spot etc.

# Top 5 Bands will compete each other at the Grand Finale and share stage with various guest bands :
Guest Bands:
– Bleeding Slaves (Genre: Anti Racist/Metal Core)
– And We Came (Genre: Death Core/Winner of Season 1 ICBC)
– Divine Influence (Genre: Groove Metal)
– Horny Monks (Genre: Super Duper Aggressive)
– Ugra Karma (Genre: Death Metal)
– Monkey Temple (Modern Rock/Experimental)
– Underside (Genre: Metal)
– Kalodin (Genre: Melodic Black/Gothic Metal)
– The Shadows Nepal (Genre: Hard Rock)/Headliner Band



In the present Nepal, women are bound to face a lot of problems, even tortures. Women are pressurized for dowry, if not able to fulfill they are thrown out of the house or tortured in the house. Rape has been the most pathetic way of insulting the women today. Shamanism has also played a vital role to decrease the standards of women in today’s world because some women are blamed to be witches and are tortured by all. They are also killed due to this blame and harassed inhumanly. Women are not allowed to be educated in some rural areas. Female babies are killed right after their birth even today, in some rural areas. Women are sold and forced to become prostitutes. This is the real standards of women in our country where we worship DEVIS. ‘Unity is Strength’ So, Unite Together and Fight for Equality, Fight for Justice and Raise voice against the Women’s Right Violation.
Respect Women Respect Womb!

Event Management: AS Oscar Event and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Jhamsikhel. (
Event Associate: The 5th String Band. (
Supported By: Silence Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., Tangal. (
NGO Partner: ABC Nepal, Jadibuti. (
Media Partners: Gorkha FM 93 MHz and Hits FM 91.2 Mhz. (
SMS Partner: Sparrow SMS. (
Studio Partner: Music Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Anamnagar. (
Official Magazine: Folio Magazine. (
Online Partner: NepalUnderground (, ( (

Certain % of the income through the Tickets shall be Charitable to Women’s welfare oriented NGO: ABC Nepal.
Your 1step can contribute to create 1women’s Future, So why not?

For further details on Registration, Sponsorship Contact: 977-9813-422986 or Mail Us at:

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