Album Review : Aetherium Mors – Drenched In Victorious Blood

Aetherium Mors - Drenched In Victorious Blood - Aetherium Mors

Aetherium Mors is U.K. based blackened death metal duo. The band released their debut album, titled “Drenched In Victorious Blood” on December 23 – 2012. The album was recorded at PMC Studios and SoundFarm Studios throughout 2012.

As we can expect from blackened metal, the album has a strong theme of anti-christ and Satan worshiping. The album has everything you were expecting from blackened death metal album. For me, their sound is somewhat similar to bands like Gorgoroth, Behemoth, etc. but the band has added slow melodic clean guitar parts in some which is quite unique. Some tracks in album like “The fall of God” has more of death metal riffs.

The album has seven tracks full of melodic riffs, blast beats and guitar solos. Whole album have black metal influenced vocal, except in some tracks where deep growls accompanies the shrieks. This album will definitely reminds you of classic blackened acts.

Aetherium Mors will be releasing 2nd EP on late 2013. You can follow the and on their Bandcamp profile or Facebook.

You can stream all seven tracks through the player below or from band’s official Bandcamp account.

Track Listing:
1. Sons Of Men 05:01
2. Luciferian March 04:26
3. Dreadlord 04:07
4. Kingdom Of Shadows 04:20
5. The Fall Of God 04:43
6. Order Of The Talion 05:05
7. Annihilating Fire 06:42


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