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Nepal Underground is a portal dedicated to promote underground music SCENE of Nepal. There are quite a few talented underground bands in Nepal waiting to showcase their immense artistic talent. Such bands can promote their music by uploading and sharing their creations through this portal.

Here, you can download Songs from various Nepali Underground / indie bands and can browse through their portfolio. Besides, full length songs and video downloads you can also find lyrics and photo shots. We also provide information related to Nepali underground concerts, gigs and events. NepalUnderground was established on 2010 with sole motive of promoting Nepali Underground scene and music as back in those day were only 1/2 entity covering underground media.

If you are affiliated to underground band and would like share your work with us then please send a mail to: or contact us through Facebook/twitter .


Bikram Kawan [][Blog]
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Noorbin Rajbhandari

Umes Shrestha [][Blog]
Samyam Shrestha [][Blog]
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