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Imperium Band – ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012(Videos)

Imperium is Nepali black metal band formed from the members of

Divine Influence Band -ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012(Videos)

Divine Influence is Groove Metal Band of Nepal. This is the

White Band Nepal -ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012(Video)

White is nepali rock band .This is also Anil Dhital ‘s

Lakhey Band -ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012(Video)

  Lakhey BandPerforming Live at ktmROCKS Ides of March 2012. Also

Jindabaad Band Nepal – ktmROCKS Ides Of March 2012 (Videos)

Jindabaad is back in town after a year of hiatus. Recently

Decapitated Live in Nepal on 8th September 2012 (Promo Video)

After the huge success of Nepfest March Yesterday,now its time to