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Kali X Gula Demo album is out !

The mysterious hardcore band Kali X Gula is out with their

Ghalazat MMXIII Released

Ghalazat MMXIII is a metal / hardcore compilation album featuring bands

Vairabi Band Nepal – Newalaya Instrumental Song

Vairabi is a Kathmandu based folk instrumental band from Nepal. Newalaya

Terrifyer Band Nepal – Wreck EP Official Release

Terrifyer is newly formed Grindcore band from Kathmandu, Nepal. The band

BruteMukti Band – Kunjan Joshi New Project Raw Song

Current Members : Kunjan Joshi (Soul Annihilation) Chellow Cutone (Demoralizer) Sanket

The Axe band VADAAS Album Download Available Now !

The Axe Band came with their 7th New Album VADAAS in 2013