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Download Nepali Hardcore “The Sickness That Never Sleeps” Jugaa splits Sangharsha

Here comes the official download for hardcore album “The Sickness That

The Sickness That Never Sleeps By Jugaa and Sangharsha with Lyrics

The Sickness That Never Sleeps is Split album done by Jugaa

Bidroha released self-titled single Bidroha with Lyrics

Bidroha after six month came with new self titled track Bidroha.

Indian Bands Audios Only From Brutal Pokhara Compilation

Here I have come again with collection of Audios from Brutal

Nepali Metal Bands Songs Only from Brutal Pokhara Compilation

I am too much conscious for our precious Metal Fans especially

Third World Chaos Demo “Inferno” album download

Third world Chaos is hardcore metal formed in 2001 with five