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flesh crawl germany ndf (2)

Nepal DeathFest 2016 – Photo Feature

Glimpse of Nepal DeatFest 2016, Day II. Day 2 saw live performance from Headliner – Fleshcrawl (Germany), NervoChaos Official


Deathforge released new EP “Amputated And Amalgamated”

Mumbai based technical death metal band Deathforge has released new EP

Album Review : Kings among Men – “We, The Sadist”

Released on June 25, “We, The Sadist” is the debut EP

GiG Alert : Core Gig 2

Remember the first installation  Core Gig two years back ? After

Skinned Nepal Tour 2016 – Kathmandu, Pokhara, Butwal

US based death metal band Skinned will be touring Nepal in

Featured Band : Shades of Hope

Shades of Hope are five piece post-hardcore / metalcore band from

[Album Review]: Chepang – “Lathi Charge” (EP, 2016)

LATHI CHARGE by Chepang Nepal, the self-proclaimed grindcore capital of South